Toy’s Theater


TOYS Theater was started in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1985.  The group consisted of four actors, Vassily Solonitsky, Loudmilla Romanovskaya, Alexander Filimonov and Ilya Goltsov.  All four actors were deaf and performed to both hearing and non-hearing audiences in many different countries.  Their imaginative shows were directed by Oleg Golovushkin, who is also deaf.


Using gestures and mime, the group performed playful, comedic shows that delighted audiences of all ages, making sure to include them in their performances.  TOYS theater helped to spread both deaf and Russian cultural all over the world, being especially careful to pay special attention to children.  They also offered workshops in conjunction with their performances to help spread their message and to educate the public.


Over 5,000,000 people worldwide have been a part of the TOYS Theater experience.  TOYS Theater has performed for the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) at their 2000 convention, The Russian Cultural Center, the John F. Kennedy Center for the performing arts and the Deaf Way Conference.


They have performed in Hungary, Poland, Finland, Norway, Holland, Germany, Canada and the United States, among other countries.  The group has also received many awards and performed in many festivals including:  1st Place Best Texas Payday Loans Creative Theater Groups of Russia, Petrozavodsk, Russia 1990, 2nd Place Pantomime , Kursk Russia,Festival of Pantomime, Kiev Ukraine, 1989 Soviet Union National Theater Festival, Usgorod, Ukraine, International Festival of Pantomime, Brno, Czechoslovakia, InternationalTheate r Festival, Helsinki, Finland.

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Should You Consider Processing For Bankruptcy?

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Dr. Oz and Superfruits

As a person who has struggled with weight my entire life, I am always interested in anything that can help me not only lose weight, but keep it off. In fact, because of my weight issues, I actually underwent a weight loss procedure called a “gastric sleeve” operation. I lost almost 100 lbs, and have kept most of it off now for almost two years. However, even though I eat less, and maintain a healthy diet, I would still like to lose another 40-50 pounds to get back to my baseball playing weight.
The problem is because heavy people like me are constantly in search of the magic bullet, every time someone comes up with something new there is an immediate rush to it. So when I hear some celebrity promote a new produce, because of the vast amount of money in the diet industry, I am usually very skeptical. However I recently heard that dr oz of TV fame is recommending a few natural products. One of these is the African mango, which some consider a superfruit. My problem with that is that I never cared for the taste of mango. He also recommended the raspberry ketone, which I have no idea of what it is, where to get it, or what it costs. But the thing that caught my attention was that he also discussed green coffee bean extract. I had already heard about this from another medical source, my brother, a retired Pharmacist, and had actually started doing some research on it. The results of my research seemed promising. But because of the cost, I hadn’t started on it yet.
As I said, because whenever you go on tv, you can almost always find some celebrity pushing one product or another. And because I am skeptical of paid product endorsements, I usually don’t pay any attention. However, because Dr. Oz isn’t pushing a specific product, and is not going to directly make any money off of them, other than perhaps increasing his ratings, and because I had already heard about green coffee bean extract I will definitely give it a try. As for the African mango and the raspberry ketone, I will probably do a little research on them as well, and might give them a try, in spite of my moderate distaste for the mango. I will keep you posted on my success.